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Services - Christa Shops For You, LLC - services
Christa Shops for You provides a variety of services. If there is a service you would prefer and you don’t see it on the list below, please ask.
  • Event Planning and Assistance
  • Personal Shopping and Delivery (i.e.: Gift, Personal, Misc., etc.)
  • Personal Services Shopping/Research (i.e.: Seamstress,Musician, etc.)
  • Grocery Shopping and Delivery
  • Apparel Shopping
  • Home Accessories Shopping (i.e.: Pillows, Rugs, Bedding,Lighting, etc.)
  • House Sitting (i.e.: Vacation, Service Calls, etc.)
  • Light Errands (i.e.: Dry Cleaning, Laundry Pickup/Delivery,Postal, etc.)
All purchases will be delivered to a location agreed upon between the client and Christa Shops for You. When you contact Christa Shops for You, we perform a brief interview to gather specific information about the required purchases and time of required delivery.

Thoughtful Gift and Personal Apparel Recommendations

We pride ourselves in providing thoughtful gift and personal apparel recommendations. We purchase sundry goods and clothing from the retailer of your choice or will make the best available purchase based on our
Grocery goods (perishables and non-perishables) are purchased from the client's vendor of choice (e.g. Kroger, Whole Foods, Costco, Zerbo's, etc.). Your satisfaction in the quality and timeliness of our service is our company goal.


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Grocery Shopping
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Light Errands
Gift Shopping
Apparel Shopping
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